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This annotated bibliography documents articles, books, and dissertations published since 1902. Of those, 150 are books; 80 are chapters within books; 615 are journal articles, and 150 are dissertations, along with a selection of highly significant items published before 1920. The most recent publications included date from early 2014. Disciplines researched include music, literature and poetry, American history, religion, and African American Studies. Also included is an appendix of spirituals by biblical reference, listing both spiritual title to scriptural reference as well as scripture to spiritual title is included. T. L. Collins, Christian educator, compiled the appendix. (click on image to purchase)


This volume is the first index of African-American spirituals to be published in more than half a century.  Not since the 1930s, with the publication of the Index to Negro Spirituals by the Cleveland Public Library, has an index of spirituals been compiled. The spirituals in this volume are neatly organized in four indexes: a title index, first-line index, alternate title index, and a topical index that includes twenty major categories. A bibliography of indexed sources serves as a guide for further research. (click on image to purchase)