Harry T. Burleigh Week

Born in Erie on Dec. 2, 1866, Burleigh learned spirituals as a child from his grandfather, Hamilton Waters, a former slave who worked as a lamplighter in Erie.

Burleigh later earned international acclaim as a renowned African-American classical composer, singer, arranger and music editor.

An accomplished baritone, Burleigh, who died in 1949 at age 82, played a significant role in developing American art songs. He composed more than 200 works in that genre and was the first African-American composer acclaimed for his adaptations of African-American spirituals. More

Classification of the Vocal Works of Harry T. Burleigh

Allison, Roland Lewis. “maud_cuney_hare-harry_t_burleigh_328 (1866–1949) and Some Suggestions for Their Use in Teaching Diction in Singing.” PhD diss., Indiana University, 1966.

A historical study of Harry Thacker Burleigh and his works, including a graded analysis of his solo vocal works. Outlines vocal teaching concepts and how they might be used with these works. Includes an appendix of Burleigh’s vocal works from 1898 to 1949, listing title, source or author of text, and publisher. Contains an extensive bibliography and music examples.