Integrating Diversity into Instructional Settings

Choi, Eunjung, and Laura J. Keith. 2016. “Cultural Diversity.” Music Educators Journal 103, no. 2: 35-40.

Contemporary African-American classical composers Cedric Adderley, John Lane, and Trevor Weston intertwine strands of culture and individual experience to produce musical works whose distinct designs offer cultural resources that music educators can use to integrate diversity into instructional settings. Of special interest is their ability to combine traditional European styles and other musical styles, including jazz, gospel, and blues, in their music. The authors include recommendations for incorporating elements of these contemporary African-American-composed works into the curriculum. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Racial Bigotry and Stereotypes in Music Books Recommended for Use by Children

Zinar, Ruth. “Racial Bigotry and Stereotypes in Music Books Recommended for Use by Children,” The Black Perspective in Music 3, no. 1 (1975): 33-39. 

This article is a study of music history books that have been recommended for use by children. The collection of books reveals many examples of racial bigotry, tokenism, and stereotypes directed against African Americans, Chinese, and other non-Western European people. Only a few texts provide a suitable source of information on the music of minority groups in America. Those responsible for recommending music history books for children should give careful consideration to the presence of racial bias in instructional material. (Author’s abstract)